Sunday, January 11, 2009

that's where the art is

"try harder" installation by jason lazarus
dimensions variable

'Try harder' features a floor to ceiling reproduction of an Otis Redding performance photograph from 1966 with additional artist-applied text directly onto the image surface. Occupying a similar space to the motivational image/text posters found in business environments, this installation is at once a 'reminder' from the artist to himself and a gesture for the viewer. In addition, an 8x10" miniature version of the piece will be placed near the installation. This piece is a free, transportable talisman of the installation viewers can take with them and post in a work/personal space of their own.

above: a pre-opening shot of the wall piece and a hypothetical mini-poster podium for the free take away posters

above: the box of 250 free posters, each with hand-applied motivational text that was later placed in front of the wall piece

above: a digi pic from my friend caitlin, who sent me a shot of where she posted her motivational piece, making me very very happy this morning.

if anyone else out there got one of these and posted it would you send me a jpg??? i would love



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