Friday, November 21, 2008


so i just inherited 270 espionage industry marketing photos. these photos were taken by a freelance photographer paid to canvas wal-mart, kohls, bed bath and beyond, macy's, cost plus, carsons, crate & barrel, and target to strategically and surreptitiously go into the stores with a digital point and shoot and document product lines, brands, product designs, and merchandising designs. i am trying to figure out what to do with this archive, but in the meantime, i pulled a little series out of this group that is below. when the photographer had the chance, they made a quick display on a more neutral background in the aisle (often on the floor) in order to get a clean view of specific this case, the cups, saucers, bowls and plates:

above: cost plus world market

above: macy's

above: kohl's

above: crate and barrel

above: bed, bath, and beyond


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