Wednesday, June 30, 2010

from zoe strauss:

Dear Friends,

Many things. First and foremost, I am beginning to work on a project
documenting the BP oil spill and I'm fundraising for it because I'm broke.
I would be greatly appreciative if you checked out the project site, "On The
Beach."  I would be grateful for any support.

While I'm coming at this environment disaster from a fine art perspective as
opposed to journalism, I think it's imperative to document this
environmental disaster as a historical record of what's happening in the
gulf.  Images and representations of this mess matter.

Also, any press people think they can hook me up with a press pass?  I would
be forever indebted.  I scheduled my BP flight over the spill and then they
told me I needed journalist credentials for when I get down there.  What the
hell is that?  Some lady from South Philly can't request a flyover, she's
got to be a journalist?  Whatever.

I thought I'd take a few months off after I-95 and not rush into anything,
but I have got to record what's happening down there, so I'm back on the
grind, baby.

With Love,


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