Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Anna Trier04 May 2010 at 21:51
Subject: Indication Clothing

Nina Mayer and myself are working on a project together and we are hoping you will be apart of it, or spread the news to those who might be interested. The project is Indication Clothing.

Indication Clothing is a collection of mass-produced articles of clothing that have played active roles in an ephemeral work of art. This line is a collection of residual artifacts, evidence of past artistic actions. Each article is a marker, serving as testimony for art that has traditionally rejected the commercial art world. As such the clothing included in Indication has been transformed into one of a kind articles that values lies not in their construction but in their inherent narrative.

We will be selling this line of clothing (with most of the money going to the artists), and are hoping to feature a rack of it at my BFA show, clothing will be priced based on the artist. We are working with artists to determine prices but there will be reflection more or less of what there work would sell for it they were a painter, sculptor or maker of object based art.

All clothing in the line will be marked with a silk screened tag listing the artist connected to the piece and 2-4 sentence description of the performance that the clothing was apart of.

If you are interesting and can get me work in the next week I would love to have it available at the BFA show, but if not this is an on going project and we are happy to work with you at a letter date.





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