Sunday, December 20, 2009

wade guyton

in his own words:
Recently I've been using Epson inkjet printers and flatbed scanners as tools to make works that act like drawings, paintings, even sculptures. I spend a lot of time with books and so logically I've ended up using pages from books as material- pages torn from books and fed through an inkjet printer. I've been using a very pared down vocabulary of simple shapes and letters drawn or typed in Microsoft Word, then printed on top of these pages from catalogues, magazines, posters- and even blank canvas. The resulting images aren't exactly what the machines are designed for- slick digital photographs. There is often a struggle between the printer and my material- and the traces of this are left on the surface- snags, drips, streaks, mis-registrations, blurs.

according to 'west london projects' :

Wade Guyton’s paintings reveal themselves as a product of mechanical reproduction, reflecting his practice of making artworks using commercial inkjet printers. The abstraction and physicality arrived at through the printing process communicates a vocabulary of uniqueness with its attendant skips, spurts, drips and smears. A mixture of primary sources, letters and signs as well as drawings and scanned printed matter, are abstracted and made singular by pushing an Epson 9600 inkjet printer to its limits. These representative aspects of the paintings persist as a digital trace of their original selves. The colour gamut offered by the 9600’s Ultrachrome inks provides a resolutely contemporary palette from which these graphic marks and images emerge.



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