Sunday, December 20, 2009

seichii furuya

saw this book in a color darkroom--it has stayed with me for weeks until i was able to deduce whose work i was struck by--seichii furuya.  photographs of his girlfriend/wife/muse who committed suicide after 7 years of being together...the muse-genre thus gains another level of complexity, sadness, and distinctiveness as a contribution to the canon...

does anyone have more recommendations for photographer-muse projects that are above-and-beyond for some reason?

just ordered the book, and relieved i don't have to worry about forgetting this guy's name again!

from photo-eye:

Christine Furuya-Gobler, 1978-1985

Photographs by Seiichi Furuya. Text by Monika Faber.
Fotohof Editions, Salzburg, 2001. 126 pp., 62 black-and-white and color illustrations, 8½x9¾".

"As Alfred Stieglitz portrayed his life partner, Georgia O'Keeffe, in endless photographic images, so did Seiichi Furuya with his wife Christine. The only difference lies within the fact that their deep relationship spanned only seven years before her untimely death. In these desperately intimate portraits, the viewer follows Furuya's growing understanding of the many sides of his deceased wife but also opens a window into understanding himself. As stated by the artist, 'As I see her, take photographs of her, look at her in the pictures, I find myself." An amazing example of the camera's ability to portray the soul of both it's subject and the photographer."-the publisher.

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