Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Joseph del Pesco


State of the Arts

In the conversation: Amy Balkin, Anthony Discenza, Aaron Gach, Eleanor Hanson, Packard Jennings, Helena Keeffe, Mads Lynnerup, Anthony Marcellini, Christian Maychack, Lee Montgomery, Lucas Murgida, Steve Shearer, Chris Sollars, David Stein, Oliver Wise

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Facilitated by the Present Group, State of the Arts is a project about the political and economic conditions that affect artists in the San Francisco Bay Area. The project developed from two informal think-tank style conversations with two groups of artists. During a series of follow-up emails, major points were identified and distilled into arguments, demands, and observations. These statements were then translated into a series of 4 letterpress posters. Two of the posters address the situation in the state of California in general, and the other two speak directly to the SF Bay Area. All four posters were delivered to elected officials in the Bay Area.

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