Tuesday, August 11, 2009

chicago photo happenings this fall/winter

i made a trace of the major photo-happenings this fall/winter in chicago to use for my various class syllabi...let me know if i'm missing anything...or copy and paste for your own use:

Info for photography related lectures at Columbia College for fall 2009:
Thursday, September 24th @ 6:00
Opening Reception at Museum of Contemporary Photography, 5-7 PM
Ferguson Lecture Hall

Thursday, October 15th @ 6:00
Ferguson Lecture Hall

Thursday, November 12th @ 6:00
618 S. Michigan Avenue, 2nd floor

Museum of Contemporary Photogrphy
MP3 II: Curtis Mann, John Opera, Stacia Yeapanis
July 17 - September 13, 2009
MP3II is an exhibition and subsequent publication of work by three contemporary photographers (Curtis Mann, Stacia Yeapanis, and John Opera) from the museum’s rotating collection, the Midwest Photographers Project.
Opening Reception: Reversed Images, September 24, 2009
a reception celebrating the opening of Reversed Images: Representations of Shanghai and Its Contemporary Material Culture

Art Institute of Chicago’s Photography Gallery in the new Modern Wing
“On the Scene” – a three person show of jason lazarus, zoe strauss, and wolfgang ploger: September 19th 2009 to January of 2010

Edward Steichen and the Photographic Self-Portrait, Price Auditorium, 9/10, 6-7 p.m

Hyde Park Art Center
Jason Salavon: Spigot
September 20, 2009 - January 17, 2010

Museum of Contemporary Art
Elements of Photography
June 13 - October 4, 2009
Elements of Photography presents photographic and video works from the MCA Collection with a focus on elemental materials of nature: light and water. Also the fundamental elements of traditional photography, the works included in the exhibition foreground the inherent relationship between the photographic process and the natural world. With these elements, artists like Hiroshi Sugimoto, Luisa Lambri, Walead Beshty, and Adam Ekberg create ephemeral works that explore the foundation of the photographic image: the play of light through half opened shutters; haunting seascapes reduced to a gradation of elemental material; and luminous circles of light formed by the interplay of sunlight and the camera's lens. Bringing the natural world to near or complete abstraction, these photographs emphasize their own material composition. At the same time, they invite the viewer to reflect on themes inherent to photographic medium, such as the passage of time and the nature of perception

The Renaissance Society
Allan Sekula
Polonia and Other Fables
September 20 – December 13, 2009
In addition to being outstanding documentary photography in its own right, Sekula's work is also a critique of the genre. Sekula's examination of the theory and practice of photography is as important as his inquiry into labor history and economics. Central to his work is an interest in documentation--as pictorial form, method of recording, narrative device, historical memory, and medium f social engagement. Sekula's work poses the rhetorical questions, "Is it possible to discuss photography as a medium separate from the thing being photographed?"


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