Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Orion Over Baghdad

above pic is a detail shot of the 'Orion Over Baghdad' archive

so i have a tentative title for a new project:

Orion Over Baghdad
a growing archive of text taken from the title field of US soldier tour-of-duty snapshots posted to flickr

so far there are over 8000 words in the text field. the project title comes from a single title that quietly exists in the archive. some other considerations were:
This is Baghdad!
Unfinished Victory Towers
Last Man Standing
Holding On
which all have their own reach and limitations. what i like about orion over baghdad is that it is implicitly about looking and distance which underscores its potency.

i am still trying to figure out the physical manifestation of this project. i am all ears if you're inspired to communicate with me!

the archive now is on my main website: under Orion Over Baghdad


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