Wednesday, March 11, 2009

zine #2

zine #2 is out...this zine is a proposal for a future installation.

containing text only, the zine features the titles of images posted on flickr of soldier snapshots from their tours-of-duty. the cover is a detail of a much larger text field.

there is no easy way to collect the titles, i simply plow through hundreds of images one at a time and lift the titles into a word doc. later, i lift that text into photoshop and play with font, weight, leading, kerning, etc until i have made mock large text fields that start to speak to the volume and mass of this project. this text-collecting-labor has been an important part of the project, as i have been systematically combing the soldiers own mediation not only of war, but everything banal that can dot that experience. the continuum is wide, and the titles slowly reveal this. for me, the project is located at the intersection of the snapshot, war-photography, and flickr, among other things. i'm really excited about this project and am seeking an institution to partner with me to physically materialize this project the right way...(haha, don't we all want this :))

btw, one of my favorite titles i've found is 'orion over baghdad' wow!!!

zines are 10 bucks signed, open edition. i have been distributing the first 130 to friends, contacts, and to visitors to the volta art fair in nyc last weekend.
you can paypal money to and i'll send one over to you within the lower 48...


Blogger Andrew Culture said...

Wow, that's a lot of work to put into a zine. I can see Flicr being the inspriation for an entire new genre of zineage.
Andrew Culture

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