Sunday, March 01, 2009


tomorrow morning i am going to reed college in portland, oregon, where i'll be exhibiting the Nirvana project and soliciting new entries for the ongoing collection...more info at:

then on thursday on to the volta art fair in NYC:
where i will be exhibiting with andrew rafacz gallery...besides showing a selection of new photographs (including a new photogram--the first time i went to a real color darkroom in like 5 years--bumping into everything, but luckily i remembered everything), i will be debuting a new zine as well that i will post more on here later...

if all goes well i'll also get to proof a new poster that i'll be publishing through nyc's very own and also have a drink with mr snowden

in other news is accepting apps for their summer residency program...begins july 9th and 3 sessions follow...more info on their website.

also, i saw the exhibition women get fucked at alagon gallery this weekend--GREAT! i found some new artists to watch there...
and i recommend paul chan's show down at the renaissance society...i really enjoyed his 'keyboard sculpture' and his artist-talk was a bit livelier than the norm...maybe cause he was sipping bourbon the whole time. you can download some quirky translating fonts of his on the renaissance society website...

it's gonna be 55 degrees in portland tomorrow!


Blogger Michael said...

hey hopefully I can catch you at something during the week! Look forward to seeing the new work.

9:59 PM  
Blogger Tema Stauffer said...

Great to see you and your work, Jason. Hard to believe that was nine/ten years.

Let's keep in touch about the stuff we talked about.

8:28 PM  

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