Friday, January 23, 2009

speaking on monday 1/26 at University of Chicago

i'm speaking at university of chicago's contemporary art workshop at 6pm on monday, january 26th. caw is in cobb hall (same building as Renaissance Society
and side facing the quadrangles) in workshop room 202. it's free and in beautiful hyde park!

here is some info on CAW...


The Contemporary Art Workshop provides a context for the consideration of history as an indispensable component of work on contemporary art. As a meeting place for artists, art historians, curators, and critics from within the University of Chicago and without, CAW provides a forum for sustained analysis and debate bringing theory and practice into the discussion of contemporary art.

The group is primarily comprised of graduate students and faculty members from the Univerisity of Chicago, specifically from the departments of Visual Arts and Art History, as well as other departments within the humanities.

The CAW meets regularly throughout the academic year, typically every other Monday at Cobb Hall Room 203 at 6PM unless otherwise specified.

Faculty Sponsors: Darby English, Matthew Jesse Jackson and Marty Ward

Student Coordinators: Anna Lee and Marilyn Volkman


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