Friday, September 05, 2008

keep this in the back of your head for Nov

so i want to get a ballot from the presidential election coming up in november. a few years ago when i was voting, i was accidentally given an extra ballot, which i simply returned when submitting my filled out ballot card. if you should happen to accidentally be given an extra ballot, i would love to have it. i will give you a photo if you like as a thanks, or lunch, or, well, you just let me know, ok???

being back in chicago feels so great, and i have been getting to know the great photo community at the school of the art institute, where i officially start teaching tomorrow.

btw, i saw john opera's show at bucket rider, which opens tomorrow night, and i really like it...his work is a meditation on nature and phenomena, with a poetically architectural sensibility. he also takes photography to task a bit as well...he has a few abstractions in the show which are really distinctive and singular to him.



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