Friday, August 29, 2008


above, an invite to my solo exhibition at kaune, sudendorf gallery in cologne, germany. in the main exhibition space there will be 10 pix from the self portrait series and 'the last rose of summer on my nightstand' artist-book. in the roman tower down the street (seriously, an ancient roman tower!) 5 or 6 living with a portraits, and the rest of the first floor 5 pix from the wright commission. look for the full page ad in the sept/oct issue of art forum, which features the firework image.

this is a great end to the summer, which was pretty much all spent in vienna, except for a short trip to amsterdam. photographing and collecting found photos there was really fantastic, i am anxious to scan all the film i shot with gent's help and see what is really there. lately i have been falling asleep fidgeting about whether i did enough shooting...was it it use-able? this is the liberating and frightening thing about making work in a new culture...i can't help but think it was light years better for me than another summer in familiar chicago.

things i am excited about in returning to the usa:
the election (hey obama, nice speech last night! easy on the columns buddy)
the fall, teaching, students
driving, which i miss actually!
my bed
my plants
a new art season and lots of shows to see
having a cell phone that rings

ps: if you are interested in found photography, i just heard of a great mag called ohio that i haven't got to check out yet but comes heavily recommended...


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