Sunday, August 17, 2008

8 golds

apparently, other people wondered too what michael phelps was playing on his ipod on the pool deck before races...

here is a new piece i am working on...apparently, one of the songs michael phelps listened to before racing in this year's olympics is "it's me" by lil wayne, which we know from an interview on the today show 8/12/ i scrunched all the lyrics (the song has a lot of lyrics!) onto this notebook page with a quote by phelps in the upper left corner...i think this piece could work LARGE!!!

i could almost fit the whole thing on my scanner here in vienna, but not on the image for a closer look...

i love the interplay between the virtue of the olympics, the idea of a champion, and the content of the song...


Blogger Unknown said...

hey jason!

what are you doing in vienna? how long are you there for? i'm living in berlin right now; let me know if you're coming this-away (or if you are so inclined). i'd love to catch up with you.


2:04 AM  

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