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sometimes my emails get bounced back repeatedly so i am using the blog as a way to just share some happenings from this past week. (lindsey, i've tried to email you like 20times! wtf gmail?)

ok! here goes:

first, i cannot add pix to my blog yet for some reason, so i wil figure this out instead of trying to send the same pix to many people...suspense!

all is good here. the apt is like a good size 1 bedroom with an open layout like a loft--no walls. wood floors, eat in kitchen with stove and fridge, windows in kitchen area and corner of living room, double bed, which is very big to me, bathroom has big tub for thinking and calming down fatigued much walking body. my fridge now has milch, kase, salame, pizza, yogurt, grapes, and blueberries. and chocolate in it. many small groceries nearby.

when i got here i hadn't heard from residency in a few days. i showed up at airport not knowing if they were gonna pick me up. tired and SWEATY off plane nobody had a jason lazarus sign. i had the address with me and took a taxi. i got here and again i didn't know what door to knock on. a local resident of the complex knew one of the residency girls and called her. she came and got me to my room. since then a bit of jet lag... the girls were busy with an opening here and so the first couple days i had to figure things out on my own, no phone or internet for 2 days drove me crazy. the first two days everything was frustrating

michael gumhold came over which was great and helped me get a train pass and some other things. i bought a french press and tea kettle. i have learned the neary area pretty well now and know where to go for groceries, art supplies, film developing, hardware store etc. this is good. i went to a flea market on sat and bought many old photos i have been making work with. today i visited an artist i met (one of the artists showing her now) and saw her studio and had lunch which was nice (no romantix, just a visit).

i have hung out with esther twice, once to go to the vienna secession (se shae she OWN) and see a thomas hirschhorn opening...last night we saw kino am dach, or theatre on the roof. basically, an outdoor screening of a katherine hepburn movie on the roof of the public llibrary which was nice with a group of people. fun!

i am being interviewed by npr tomorrow for a story on the nirvana project! they contacted me and i said i'm here and they said no problem! i think it will be a national show? channa joffe-wait is the reporter, i need to google her.

the residency exhibition space is closed in august but i will mount something in their streetside exhibition space that has all glass for pedestrian viewing...this way i can exhibit during their off month. i will also be in a show called confusion that opens sep 2nd, have to come up with something for that...it could be me many times a day here!

i will go to koln for a group show i am in at kaune, sudendorf on friday, july 11th and return here on the 14th.

aron comes on aug 5th. i think i will take him to amsterdam with me to do a photo there! i found out, when looking for a hotel, that the hilton amsterdam has a suite where the john lennon and yoko peace bed-in occured (basically their honeymoon consisted of inviting reporters to their room to discuss world peace in this suite). i called hoping to book the room but it is 2000 some euros! oh well. maybe if it was my honeymoon would i spend this much! it's so funny because a couple nights ago i downloaded a john lennon documentary to watch in bed before sleeping!

so, tomorrow radio interview. on wednesday i will go to a flea market ran by a red cross type organization. often i found out the photo collections from the recently deceased are available so i have my fingers crossed i find some nice stuff. friday to cologne!

i am also maybe gonna put a book together of these pix i found belonging to a mr theodor herz, apothecary. i will call it 'introducing theodor herz'!

i also bought spray paint and am working with it on postcards of the austrian landscape! a fun new direction!

also, today i bought a combo scanner/printer for the apt/studio

on july 16th richard hull is bringing his class from saic and i give a lecture to them, which will be a lot of fun.

tomorrow night a party at the leopold museum!


Blogger Lindsey L. Delahanty said...

Bear thanks for the update. Life sounds fabulous in Vienna! I can't wait to see some pictures. Also I'm happy that you are eating fruit and bought a french press and tea kettle. Have fun in Koln! Tell the Kauna jugen Ich sagt 'Hallo!!'

xoxo Lindsey

4:18 PM  
Blogger jason lazarus said...

naturlich bear!

2:55 AM  
Blogger jonathan Gitelson said...

Missing you suckah but it sounds like you are having a ball!

When in Holland, you should try and contact Erik Kessels:


I could see you two getting along.

Anyhow, miss you
baby pictures to come (along with baby)


12:46 PM  

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