Sunday, July 06, 2008

no visuals

i can't attach images to my blog from over here...any ideas why bloggers?

spray paint in vienna = new works

i am in an upcoming show at kaune, sudendorf gallery opening on july 11th, will go there for 4 days starting on the 11th.

the das weisse haus set up for residents is nice...a 450 sq foot open 1 bedroom, very loft like. i bought a french press, tea kettle, alarm clock, tape, spray paint, hangers, cheese, yogurt, salame, and i am feeling set up ish...

i will have an open studio here on july 20th for the das weisse haus summer party. also, i will be included in a group show here that opens sep 2nd called confusion.

please write me or stop by! i love visitors and i will make you coffee, provide the finest cheeses, and play music for you. if you are lucky, some new and improved broken german.

miss you harold guys too! stay cool!

hey i forgot it was july 4th here until i logged onto and saw their special graphic.

ps: michael gumhold and esther stocker are still great after years gone by

pps: mom and dad: i am good, don't worry! miss you, love, J


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