Thursday, July 17, 2008

led zeppelin IV

Favorite moment from each song on Led Zeppelin IV, as seen with the I-tunes visualizer

image below is "When the levee breaks (song intro)"

today i saw the exhibition Susan Hiller. Outlaw Cowgirl and other works at the bawag foundation, WOW! i loved it as recommended by visiting saic professor richard hull. i gave a lecture to his class and afterward we ate and 'did nightlife stuff'.

also, i found a great book: 'Romantic Conceptualism' !

just finished the led zeppelin series previewed above...that's been an idea for like 2 years. they will be small prints, mounted on wood, with a 'pour on' glaze over the top (still heeding lucas day's recommendation on the finish from many moons ago)



Blogger Benjamin said...

led zeppelin sucks.

10:15 AM  

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