Tuesday, May 13, 2008

show at the city gallery

today i went and visited the chicago water tower off michigan ave...i am in an exhibition that opens on thursday there called 'on art: photographs by jason lazarus and brian ulrich'...columbia college curated both of our series resulting from our respective wright commissions. i'll be in nyc for the ny photo festival and will miss the opening.

the best part of today besides peeping the show installed by aron gent (thanks!) was trudging up to the top of the water tower with him. so pleasing to be somewhere so public that you usually don't have access to a private vantage point!

the window below i was really fascinated by, the long narrow ledge that leads to the window is over 5 feet long and angled slightly...very sexy!!!

the view at the top of the chicago water tower off michigan ave:

the show will be up until early august if you're in the area


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