Wednesday, May 14, 2008


this is a belated posting...above is the small installation i did on the last day of my solo show at bucket rider. it is untitled, and features photo / document ephemera that is personal or found vernacular...little details include a very small shelf holding up the polaroid in the bottom middle. this is a polaroid from the spencer elden (nevermind record kid) shoot. on the left is a typed sheet that is titled 1 for $4, 2 for $7 with a list of tracks....this is a hustle of one of my old students at wendell phillips academy. the letter with the envelope staped is a letter to santa i got from the post office last nov...the girl provided no return address, just savannah in stickney, IL. on the back side she asks for a box of wishes. the middle image is a snapshot of a torn up flag hanging over a skateboard on the wall i made recently at a party in pilsen. and on and on. i liked making this and felt it really belonged in the 'self-portrait' section of my show. hope to do more of these in the future...


Blogger Stephen Eichhorn said...

nice! more installations!

5:33 PM  

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