Monday, May 19, 2008


went to the ny photo fest this weekend...ehhhhh. imagine larry david-esque ehhhh here. highlights of the fest were: participating in the mocp pavillion, harrell fletcher's piece in the ubiquitous image section asking for people's wallet photos that were scanned and printed and exhibited as the festival went on, seeing stephen gill speak, seeing pretty girls and brad troemel everywhere, seeing one of my former students, andrew mccomb, with an image in the tim barber exhibition, seeing christian patterson, meeting shane lavalette and michael __ ___ (what's his name, i want to look at his site)...

but, too much rain, too many recycled photo ideas, too much! maybe art fairs and festivals always swallow the unique voices of the participants too much and it bums me out. the tim barber installation walked-the-line...the incarnation at the fest wasn't as good (but it was ambitious) because all the images were printed and framed 8x10"ish. with this strategy even tim's voice was obfuscated a bit by the format...i would have liked to see prints pinned to the wall in different sizes placed by tim as he usually does.

the ubiquitous image show was my favorite place at the photo fest...

i went to the whitney biennial and was inspired by amanda ross ho (originally from chicago, a piece of hers is above) and walead beshty.


Blogger Shane Lavalette said...

Hey Jason, it was great to meet you too. Here's Michael's site:

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