Tuesday, March 18, 2008

walt whitman

i'm kinda feeling this tungsten-y living with a portrait...am i crazy? is anyone out there???

i made a painful edit of the living with a portrait series tonight, throwing out a few pictures that i love, but i think the series is becoming really tight and can now grow again. if you've been following it, check it out on jasonlazarus.com...

and if you haven't heard obama's speech on race, look it up (March 18th)...pretty powerful. he has this singular vantage point on race that he can really speak frankly in a way that not many other politicians could or would. this vantage point powerfully opens up conversation in a way that is unprecedented in recent years, on a scale this massive...


Blogger Zacharias said...

i dunno man can you tone it down at all?

1:27 PM  
Blogger jason lazarus said...

zach...don't be scared

8:47 PM  
Blogger kid extraordinaire said...

Hi Jason!

I found your blog while searching for Lindsey's; I heard about the Walt Whitman photo shoot and it's wonderful to observe the results! By taking this photo you're already doing more than Whitman really ever did in his youth alone.

Hope to cross paths again sometime!
(lady nose)

6:03 PM  

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