Sunday, March 02, 2008

a show and an idea, for YOU!

ok here is the idea for YOU! assuming YOU are a photographer.

for my show (although it won't be ready for the opening), i am having an exhibition catalogue printed through, who actually do decent printing and hardcovers. the hardcovers cost about $35 apiece, and you can get very small quantities or one at a time. now, i wanted to make a nice hardcover, but who is gonna spend $35 on a nice hardcover catalogue of my show. my mom, maybe a couple loyal and employed friends, but that is about it. so, the idea is this:

the catalogues will be printed in an edition of 100 (so what? there is more!!!) and each of these will come with a signed and editioned print! an 8x10 of the little circle piece below, which is from the wright commission, titled,
"Self portrait in an infinity mirror (partially functioning)"

so then it is kinda cool to get the catalogue, because you get something of value bundled in (if you like photo). i think this is a great idea for young artists who want to use on-demand publishing to really present their work in a tight, edited, handable way that can be sent off anywhere and feel kinda pro. the proceeds from sales can be used to make more that i can gift/send off to 'ImportantPeople'!

ps: if anyone wants to reserve one of these they will be $50 available through me or bucket rider. email me at will be available in about 3 weeks (too late for the opening unfortunately)!

ok here is the invite:

ok, for those of you in town, my solo show, entitled, "This is gonna take one more night", opens at Bucket Rider this week:

Thursday 5-7pm preview
Fri 6-9pm opening

if i wasn't at my own show i'd be a craig doty's 12x12 at the mca...can't wait to see it...i bought a piece from craig right before he got accepted to yale a few years ago...any corporate collections out there need buyers???


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