Tuesday, March 25, 2008

pix from easter sunday as spent by a jew

so in the spirit of using this yaschica t4 i got recently i toted it to my friend lindsey's easter formal and made some snaps. more to come i think. the immediacy of the snapshot never fails to excite me...i just forget how much i like them. plus, when shooting snapshots more often, they tend to bring out other ideas percolating under the surface. also, the parameters of point and shoot are so nicely liberating for image making, relying on instinct. i pledge to make more snapshots.

does anybody know anyone doing interesting things using a scanner-as-camera? i am making that the next shooting assignment for my robert morris college photoshop class and i found way too many flowers when putting together my slide show.


Blogger Ben said...

Tim Hawkinson used a scanner to capture the sunset.
couldnt find much better than this large out of focus fanshot

oh, and theres that Tori Amos album cover. jk

11:38 AM  
Blogger Ryan Barone said...


This guy takes the scanner out into the field:

There is a good amount of foliage, but he also has made scans of motion pictures..

9:16 PM  

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