Thursday, March 13, 2008


greg stimac (.com) had an opening in cologne, germany the same night as i did in chicago. he was nice enough to call at a crazy hour over there to a decent hour over here and say hello the night of our openings. he is flanked by new dealers kaune, sudendorf who will be at the Next fair in chicago in april. they represent christian patterson, peter grasner, and i am a new addition to their roster as well. they took a full page ad for gregs show in the current issue of artforum. the ad features an image from the 'recoil' series, which was the show, plus 2 new videos from greg: peeling out and carwash girl (which are both viewable at the mocp in chicago). in the back is nathan baker who will living half-time in chicago, half-time in berlin from here on out, marie harten who studied in chicago for a bit but is back in berlin, and anne lass who is back in berlin and preggers too!


Blogger Rachael said...

you hot little art shits!!!

i think i see anna in the backround of that picture?

jason! sorry ed and i missed your openning ~ we had a big night at the co-pro sphere too.

i've heard so many good things about your show and of course we will be by to see it soon.

rachael marszewski

10:59 PM  
Blogger Andrew McComb said...

Is that Marie in the background???

7:03 PM  

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