Friday, March 28, 2008

catalog available

i self-published a hardcover catalog for my current show...designed by cody hudson of struggle inc and printed through i present:

featuring 40 pages of images and an interview with Karen Irinve, curator at the Museum of Contemporary Photography. printed in an edition of 100, they include a signed and editioned 9.5 x 7.8" (also edition of 100) print from the wright commission which is the last image in this post. it is entitled, "Self portrait in an infinity mirror (partially functioning)".

editioned catalogue and print, edition of 100 - $100.00

if you're interested:

below is the the small print included with the catalog:


Blogger Zacharias said...

this looks really nice jason. i should get a copy on my hands.

9:51 PM  
Blogger jason lazarus said...

thanks zach!

that reminds me...if you'd like, mail a check payable to

jason lazarus
810 n wood, 3f
chicago IL 60622

once you've mailed a check, email me and let me know so i can reserve a copy...
turnaround is 2 weeks

5:27 PM  

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