Thursday, February 28, 2008

my interweb is fixed! new piece...

this piece i made when i saw calvin johnson play at lumpen's co-prosperity know i like that name for a doesn't have the words deer, crystal, war, horse, unicorn, forest, etc in it! clunky and earnest is the new cool (to me).

calvin johnson, leader of K records ( frontman of the band 'beat happening' has a quiet legacy behind him that is well deserved. watching him perform solo is simultaneously awkward and enamoring. a steely presence, totally deadpan, and not afraid to just stare at you with not much else going on at times. i asked him after he finished playing if i could make a picture. then i asked him if he wouldn't mind moving in front of the white wall. then i asked him, "would you just, sing to the camera, for like 20 seconds or so?"

he did without missing a beat.

this is one of 3 shots. the text (is it readable on your screen?) says:
'Calvin Johnson singing to me'.

16x20" 2008

...thanks calvin!


Blogger ChristopherWestPresents said...

love it!

9:18 AM  

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