Wednesday, December 12, 2007

study time, submit a portrait?

getting in the mood for the spencer elden shoot in january, i thought i'd blog a little about the notion of self inspiration. i am going to try to look at a lot of portraiture between now and then and figure out what i like. the only fine art pix i've made of people have been on-camera flash, so i don't have much experience with working this way...

it has occurred to me that making a portrait of someone whom is 'loaded' with cultural significance might do well to simply be described in a way that is not overly 'produced'.

one image that resonated with me is from an artist named marnix goosens who was included in aic's insight dutch photo show--it is entitled pink sweater and is above.

if anyone would like to submit a portrait to me and why they like it, i'd love it! i don't think many people stick with this blog so i'll be thankful for any submissions.


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