Wednesday, December 12, 2007

good news and Good news!

ok, first bit of good news...i saw lavendar diamond perform at the empty bottle tonight and it was fantastic!!! the weather was awful, i was getting a migraine, but i had i lost all my restlessness once they started. she is wonderfully sincere, coyly political, and a chatterbox on stage. it was the best thing i've seen live in a long time...

here she is:

ok, the GOOD News...(after a year of patience) i finally spoke with, then spoke to the dad of, then spoke to the dad of again, then locked down a date (jan 6th) to go to LA and photograph spencer elden, the infamous baby on the cover of nevermind for the self portrait as an artist series. i have 2 hours, which is pressure unlike what i'm use to in order to get a shot i am happy with, but this will be a great learning experience for a shoot whose logistics will feel editorial. and no, i will not be shooting him in, near, or around a pool.

ps: if anyone wants a copy of the picture i am taking sponsorship offers for the expensive/short trip out west!!!


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