Tuesday, November 20, 2007


below are install shots. top to bottom:

Michael Vicks abandoned public apology note in my own handwriting" 42x70" 2007
5 images from Nirvana series, all 2007
Untitled installation from Recordings series, 2007

i also debuted the "The last rose of summer on my nightstand" book (which sold, along with a few Nirvana pieces!).

i also added a nirvana journal, a blank journal with instructions to record your story on how you were introduced to the band nirvana. participants could slip on over-the-ear headphones and write their stories. text may be in a book later...

d3 projects was great, their director anais wade and owner richard lovett were perfect, not to mention their dutiful intern lucia. totally sincere people with honest enthusiasm and good energy. the opening was great with waves of people coming in for 4 hours straight. i was most excited secretly watching the younger viewers (18-30) look at the nirvana series. i also loved the presence of the michael vicks piece from far away...people really hung with the piece more than i thought they might. recordings was fun to install over 3 days and people had great questions/reactions to it...i think that was the hardest piece to engage in during the broo-haha of an opening with bodies moving around.

thanks to my host tim nordwind i got a pass into the members only Magic Castle magic club for one evening, and enjoyed a marionette show the afternoon before the opening. wish i could make that some kind of tradition no matter where i was. also, drinks were mostly had at the culver city it bar 'the mandrake'.

one day was a disaster trying to go to 2 museums on a wednesday and finding out they were closed. luckily, the mustang rental car made the trips fun. also, the money i spent on a gps device was the best money i ever spent, especially for a trip to LA doing some traveling alone. i did find a jim dine book put out from steidl i want to look up again, having one moment of inspiration for a day was all i ask at a minimum!

also, thanks lindsey and andrew for coming out, as well as aron gent, megan mcdowell and andrew rafacz. xo's.

like an old lady, i like palm trees.


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