Saturday, November 24, 2007

details for nirvana project

wanted to share a couple details. first, the pic below is of an experiment of sorts. d3 asked me to do something a bit interactive for the opening, so i decided to hook up a nirvana mix to nice, over-the-ear headphones and provide a journal for people to write their how-i-got-introduced-to-nirvana stories...with instructions on the first page. i also asked, if they had a snapshot, to leave their email or phone with follow-up info. a fair number of people took the plunge into headphone land and i would get really excited as i spied them from across the room. i thought the x-eyes on front were a fun nod to the ubiquitous nirvana x'd out eyes smiley face. i can't wait until i get the journal back in january. maybe these pages would be great in a book someday???

second, the next detail shot is a close-up of the text (which i struggled with for awhile). actually, trying to figure out the image to white space to frame ratio was excruciating. and, i wanted a pen that could do handwriting letter size but a bit more significant than a ballpoint pen (and more archival). i used a calligraphy pen with safe-ink, only using the skinny end of the brush tip. it allows for the letters to be a bit more expressive as you scrawl across. images i studied as inspiration when deciding on the text: jim goldberg's rich and poor series, chris verene's galesburg, new catalogue's images with printed text and more white space. i decided to opt for less white space, small writing that references journal handwriting, and to allow the viewer to step back and enjoy the image as dominate to the text if they like. the handwriting moves, conceptually, half a step back.

also, kudos to nathan from blackpoint editions where the project was printed. he suggested i handwrite the text on scrap paper, put it under the final print, and put those layers on a lightbox. i could center my text beforehand and follow it as closely or loosely as i wanted, but i knew where i had to begin and end and that was immensely helpful.

anyone have friends overseas that could participate in this project?


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