Wednesday, October 03, 2007

my self portrait assignment for my b/w kids on the southside (teachers: copy and paste for yourself if you like!)

Shoot! Self Portrait

Make 5 self portraits, due in 2 weeks.


∑ beg, borrow, purchase or steal a tripod
∑ Use reflective surfaces
∑ Find these reflective surfaces in interesting places, spaces
∑ Use your camra’s self timer function
∑ Ask a friend to dedicate some hours to help you
∑ Mark off your camera frame with little pieces of tape (so you know, if shooting by yourself, where the left, right, top, and bottom of the picture will be)
∑ Buy a cable release, pay attention to the length on the package, is it long enough?
∑ Start analyzing spaces as so highly personal they could act as a ‘self portrait’
∑ Previsualize, what depth of field is appropriate?
∑ Think of your composition/vantage point…what is included in your picture? From what angle will you shoot?
∑ Be funny/be romantic/be sarcastic/be diaristic, be brave
∑ Think about spaces that are representative of you
∑ Shoot a place you spend a lot of time
∑ Write something down, then photograph it
∑ Hang out with your shadow…where can you place it, what could you communicate?
∑ Use your body as an index, rub it in the grass, smush flowers, leave your mark somewhere
∑ What is something that means a lot to you? Where could you put this?
∑ Who means a lot to you? How could they be your self portrait?
∑ Think of your title
∑ Experiment lots, then edit
∑ Have fun my friends


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