Thursday, September 06, 2007

my curatorial creation: Concerning tomorrow opens Sept 14th

Curatorial statement – Concerning tomorrow…

One example of the value of this exhibition for me is the mind-space I was in thinking about Jeff Hadrick’s binder of drawings. Impulsive, obsessive ruminations on the quotidian, I suggested he participate in the exhibition, but I didn’t know quite why it made sense. Days later, it occurred to me that the ritual of his everyday, insular practice seemed to speak to the terror of time passing—a very private, individual relationship with the rubric of our existence.

Working in a variety of media, the participating artists have created more than didactic discourse. creating highly evocative, culturally aware, and bravely imaginative work, these artists not only form complex dialogue about the idea of 'tomorrow', but implicitly involve the viewer to consider their real or imagined tomorrows without limit.

Whether the idea of ‘tomorrow’ is gleaned from the past, an incisive view into the workings of the present, or a complete abandonment in order to occupy imagined worlds, views of ‘tomorrow’ lend themselves to the consequences of daring thinking great artists of all mediums willingly undertake.


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