Wednesday, August 15, 2007

wright commission

i was commissioned by wright auction house in chicago to make some images--the result will be a 16 page color catalogue of images i made and some writing, to be bundled with their october auction catalog. the folks there were great in every way, especially for letting me move their amazing art around to photograph (and even more especially for moving the 15 foot jenny holzer piece, thank you!). below are the images and titles:

Wallspace where an Ed Ruscha hangs (the post-it note reads, 'Borrowed your Ruscha -JLL')

Self portrait in Curtis Jere infinity mirror (partially functioning)

Laying behind my favorite Marilyn image (Marilyn as Mao)

Leaning (Jasper Johns, 1974 and Josph Beuys, 1957)

Donald Judd Stack Construction (from Wright Auction House Catalogs)

Wrapped (a Jasper Johns in the American flag)

Jenny Holzer, Over and Over Again

Assemblage of Alexander Calder Writing (through which I discovered my favorite Calder of all time, "The Lace on the Edge of Your Panties" from 1947)

Looking at the back of an Ad Reinhardt


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Love these!

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