Monday, July 09, 2007

zoe and paul

paul damato top, zoe strauss underneath:

zoe strauss put my conceptual firework image on her blog!:

i like her work, she cusses, and uses a lot of exclamation points!!!! which i like!!!! she also puts work up on her blog that she is 'on the fence' about, which is fun to watch what makes the cuts.

her work is also at

having been taught by, and now friends with paul damato (, who is a street photography veteran now working on more investigative 4x5 street images, i am suddenly struck by the generational? or at least different approach of these 2 artists who loosely share a subject matter. these two would be great friends i think. it is interesting to look at the images that are most celebratory when the subject matter is politically/economically marginalized...then you really seem to learn a lot about the photographer
(as an empath-i-ser/participant/committed-observer/optimist/humanist)!!!


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