Thursday, July 26, 2007

new work from harold residency

the harold residency was even more amazing this year ( 50 artists went through the residency over two weeks. food was catered by chef ben carver of treat restaurant. two nights featured world class free jazz. i skinny dipped. i saw dozens of dear that i shared small moments with. i now have a buck skull wired to the grill of my subaru (i should probably but that on the blog soon too!)(we found the skull behind a cabin). i photographed all the pictures i had in mind and conceived of a new small series i will start editing tomorrow. if you are a musician or visual artist, this young residency is hot shit.

many sorted stacks of negatives now lie on my work table, but this image was the one i was most unsure of and went straight to the scanner with. lamp oil on forest road. "your time is gonna come" for the self portrait as an artist series...more to come.


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