Sunday, April 08, 2007

regarding living with a portrait series

i am trying to meet elizabeth sheetz mentioned in the article below...arthur is unreachable in prison for 2 years...

described below is a pretty interesting prison sentence. i don't think i necessarily agree with a sentence like this, seems like not cruel but unusual punishment...

Victim's Photo Part of Florida Man's Sentence for Vehicular Homicide

Sunday, March 25, 2007

BARTOW, Fla. — A man who pleaded guilty to vehicular homicide will have to display a large picture of his victim in his home after serving two years in prison, a judge has ordered.

After getting out of prison, Arthur Pierce, 31, will have to prominently display a photograph at least 2 feet wide of his victim, 17-year-old Chelsi Gregory, wherever he is living. Circuit Judge Robert Doyel said below the photograph must be "respectful lettering that says: 'I'm sorry I killed you."'

Pierce's probation officer will also be allowed to search his residence at any time. If he does not have the photograph displayed, it will be considered a probation violation, Doyel said. An advocate for Mothers Against Drunk Driving, Elizabeth Sheetz, requested the photograph be part of Pierce's sentence, according to The Ledger of Lakeland.

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Pierce and his cousin Christopher Pierce, 27, were racing on a busy street on the afternoon of March 24, 2005 when they caused the accident that killed Gregory. Witnesses told police Arthur Pierce was swerving in and out of traffic and driving at speeds of about 120 mph, in a 45 mph zone, when his Cadillac collided with a pickup in which Gregory was a passenger. The prosecutor in the case said alcohol was also a factor, the paper reported.


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