Saturday, March 10, 2007

shows to see now

chris verene at gescheidle, wow! apparently bad at sports hated it, but everyone else loves it including me. ps: he uses oil to write the text uniquely each time, apparently he noticed ink faded over time

there is a photo show in the basement gallery of AIC right now that is phenomenal in its scope of b/w and early color together....

also in the contemporary wing, a beautiful luc tuymans painting and 2 small treasures by francis alys that are equally inspiring...

Far from Home: Photography, Travel, and Inspiration
January 20–May 6, 2007
Gallery 1

Overview: Throughout the 20th century, photographers traveled far from home to experience other cultures, refresh their eyes, and create new work. Often, the photographs taken on these sojourns have had a critical and lasting impact on their careers. Edward Weston’s stay in Mexico in the mid-1920s, for example, catapulted him from a more traditional, naturalistic style into full-fledged Modernism. As he wrote in his daybook shortly after arriving, “Life here is intense and dramatic, I do not need to photograph premeditated postures, and there are sunlit walls of fascinating surface textures, and there are clouds!” His contact with revolutionary artists, exposure to native Mexican art forms, and distance from middle-class American norms freed Weston to find a new vocabulary for his photography.


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