Wednesday, October 18, 2006

new website coming...

if you want to see it in beta version, go to:

let me know if anything seems awkward to use, unintelligible, etc.


Wednesday, October 11, 2006

beautiful losers

'beautiful losers' started two years ago and will continue this spring. failure is a thread that runs through my work, and with this series, we are given proximity to some of the most loyal and unrewarded fans in professional sports. i already knew of the phrase 'beautiful losers' from the seminal skate/grafitti/street book/exhibition that came out a few years ago, and i just found out it was also the title of a book by leonard cohen (1966). i am excited to go back this spring with the ringlight. it does an amazing job and helps with the potential problem of flash + cubs baseball hat.


in the next week or so, look for a brand new website constructed by colum alums 'visicswire'. all newer work that ended up on this blog in sequential yet random order will be neatly divided into series. if you'd like me to add you to the links section, send me a line to

can't wait for the roll out, xo j

i knew this would happen...

one of my images was posted on!!!
at least it says, 'flavor: art'

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

living with a portrait

i miss this one (yes, that is 2 v's)

after noticing my website statistics spiked, i found that a couple of my photographs were featured on the site, a mostly european, conceptually-bent site surveying a large amount of contemporary installation, video, photowork etc.

wow. one of the best art sites i have ever seen (i was so inspired being a conceptualist at heart).

one of my favorites is the video 'burning mrs. oleary's cow' (after brian wilson)

we need more of this in chicago.

more 'living with a portrait'...