Saturday, March 04, 2006

project space

a new venue, i am excited. this blog will be an ongoing personal snapshot digest--i recently watched a nan goldin video where she stated (in response to being labelled just a snapshot photographer): (sic) 'snapshots are the only kind of photography borne completely out of love'. i bought a pocket digital camera and initially felt like it was wasted money. a few months later i have hundreds of images that mean something to me and occassionally offer me ideas for art with a capital A. in the end, i am excited about the notion of 'pocket photography' because it keeps me involved in the artistic process constantly, and i am building a foundation of images that offer hints of things to come. my gallery (bucket rider gallery--chicago) is unleashing "bucket rider editions," a multiples line, and soon and i'll be selling these 8x10s pretty cheaply through this if you see anything you like. in the end some of these end up becoming art commodities anyways, but their financial/conceptual modesty keeps them approachable and i am enamored with this idea. i will try to post thoughts every so often and images even more often so come visit me soon. j

hmmm. how do i add an image to this? ok, got it!


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